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It is with great pleasure that I submit for consideration my article, "Self in the Other: A Study of Meme Culture and the Need to Connect." This paper is the product of two years' cumulative work with Joyce Schuster, Jeffrey Tarrington, and Joanna White. Attached is an abstract that covers the major conclusions.

On the whole, our research explored the reduction of conversation between 13–24 year olds to "tagging" each other in memes that relate (in either a straightforward or obscure fashion) to their own lives or relationships. This led to the examination of the importance of "captions" in memes, or the inclusion of a response such as "it me" or "I screamed" to the original posting. Our ultimate conclusion unpacks the way that these memes connect not only individuals, but create a larger imagined network, even among strangers.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing this work reviewed at XYZ Inc. This manuscript is completely original, and no part of it has been published or considered for publication elsewhere. There are no conflicts of interest with regards to this material, potential reviewers, or publications.

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