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   Adoption Cover Letter

Thank you for considering us as the adoptive parents of your daughter. It has long been our dream to be parents, and we are so excited to meet the child that will make us a family of three.

It's tough to try to sum us up so quickly and impersonally, especially since our preferred way to get you to like us is to make you latkes until you explode and then tell you terrible puns until you roll your eyes. We're reasonably certain this is a good strategy. The two of us met in 2008 at a publishing convention in Seattle. Matt is a professor at ABC University, and Laurie is an editor for XYZ Press. Since we started dating a few weeks later, we have been in love in a way that most novelists and poets have already thoroughly covered.

We married in 2010 and have been failing at fertility treatments since 2012. While we love our German shepherd, Dante, we have always hoped to be able to introduce the beauty and wonder of literature, musty bookshops, peach cobbler, neon canaries, bubble wrap, and so many other things to a child of our own. Laurie is Jewish and Matt is Unitarian, and we firmly believe in raising our child to explore faith and spirituality at his or her own pace.

We know that our child is somewhere waiting for us, and we believe that we will all find each other when the time is right. If that child is your daughter, we will love her and cherish her for all of her life.

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