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   Afterschool Program Cover Letter

As a mother of two and a graduate of Lewis and Clark with a degree in early education, the most important thing I've discovered about children is that they are always learning, regardless of the environment or teacher. Every social interaction, every discussion about fairness, every book, every game, every moment of play is a way for them to explore their surroundings and establish new paths of behavior.

As such, I am approaching the afterschool supervisor position with the goal of helping children continue their education with the right amount of instruction, freedom, fun, and structure as will best benefit their growth as individuals. I will put into place indoor and outdoor games that are beneficial for promoting fairness and cooperation, as well as exercise. I have several ideas for how to maximize the space already, and I am eager to learn more from your qualified staff.

Please find my resume enclosed. I am able to start this position at any time, and am free for interviews both in person and over the phone. Thank you for your consideration.

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