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   Art Gallery Submission Cover Letter

Thank you for considering my art series, Women Wearing Fruit Peels, for exhibition in your gallery. I have long admired XYZ for its fearless imagination and willingness to promote discussion around controversial subjects. Seeing the ABC Exhibit when I was fifteen made me want to become an artist.

Please find my portfolio attached. Below are my exhibition proposal, artist statement, and bio. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Exhibition Proposal

Women Wearing Fruit Peels is a series devoted to the exploration of performative female representation, specifically targeting historical work that has paired the feminine form with ripe, soft, and globular fruit. These paintings invert tired tropes by adorning women of every shape, size, and color with thin, colorful peels-the part of the fruit that is the most nutritious but not necessarily the most traditionally beautiful or glorified. The series consists of 7 paintings, each a triptych using acrylic on canvas panels. The panels each measure 7.5" x 12".

Artist Statement

My work is freeform painting with acrylics, using technique learned from Joanna Macron. I am interested in the tension between observing and being observed, and the way that the muse or subject of an artwork can be commodified, reduced, and labelled.


Laurie Jones is a painter and photographer who lives in Portland, OR, with her husband and two dogs. She received her BFA in art from University of Oregon in 2010 and her MFA in art history from Seattle University in 2015. She has shown at the Portland Art Institute, the Jordan Daal Museum of Modern Art, and the University of Oregon Panel for Women Artists.

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