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I've been correcting people's grammar for as long as I can remember. Usually, they find it annoying. This time, I hope it's a ticket to my dream job as a proofreader for XYZ Publishing.

Yes, I'm responding to your advertisement for a proofreader. I have a keen eye, attention to detail, and encyclopedic knowledge of the Associated Press Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style.

I am a longtime subscriber to your Flagship Publication. I look forward to each issue. It's rare that I find errors in the copy, but at the risk of being annoying, I'd like to bolster my "cred" by pointing out the following errors in the most-recent issue: comma splice, misplaced em dash, use of "roll" instead of "role," and a particular chalkboard-nail of mine: complimentary instead of complementary. Let's just agree to disagree on the Oxford comma.

If you've found this letter more intriguing than sassy, please reach out to me about an interview time. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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