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While I have attached my resume and headshots for your consideration, I also wanted to elucidate the reasons I am perfect for the role of "Big Man 2" in A New Play.

As you can see from my headshots, I meet the physical requirements to play "Big Man 2", but I also have experience playing similar roles in other plays. "Nate Harter" in A Noir, "Hank Russell" in A Detective Play and "Terrence Jones" in Another Noir were all simplistic, brooding men who developed violent tendencies through tumultuous circumstances and difficult family situations. I have explored these backgrounds extensively in my acting preparations, and have thoroughly researched major city crime in the 1920s for context.

I look forward to auditioning for you on Thursday at 3:00 P.M. Please feel free to contact me any time before then using the information listed above. Thank you for your time.

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