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   Barista Cover Letter


It has always bothered me that some people think of barista positions as temporary jobs, while I consider it a calling. As an employee at XYZ, I've become driven to make a career out of the art of brewing and serving coffee. I believe that your cafes have turned coffee-making into an art form, and I am interested in pursuing that craft.

I have 3+ years' experience as a barista, with a lot of time spent brewing different coffee bean variations. I am well-versed in artistic versions of complex drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes, and flavored beverages. I am familiar with the technique for foam art, but consider the structure and taste of the coffee to be the most important thing.

In addition to my drive and passion for coffee-making, I am also great at customer service. My years in the food industry have seen me as a hostess at a high-end restaurant in L.A., waiting tables at a pub, and manning the drive-through window at several coffee shops. I am unflaggingly polite, patient, and good at getting orders through quickly.

I am excited at the opportunity to work with a creative, innovative crew. Thank you for your consideration.

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