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If pure passion is what makes a good brewer, then I'm sure that you have hundreds of candidates to choose from at XYZ Brewery. As someone who has been home brewing everything from pale ales and lagers to chocolate stouts in my basement since I was 21, I certainly have the passion required. However, I think that a good brewer also has attention to detail, administrative qualities, customer service skills, and experience in the field.

I've spent my whole career working in the food industry, including three years as a microbrewery hostess and four years as a barista. I have learned to be friendly, firm, efficient, and unfailingly polite. It has taught me to focus on the fine details and to record everything carefully. Additionally, I have spent the last six months as a brewery cellar worker at ABC, packaging bottles and learning the ins and outs of large-scale brewing.

I believe that XYZ is the right place for me because I am skilled in the industry and eager to expand my working knowledge of different types of brews. Your foray into gluten-free IPAs, hopped ciders and meads has greatly intrigued me. I believe that your top-notch brews mixed with your sense of creativity gels perfectly with my career goals.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this at a later time.

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