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   Camp Counselor Cover Letter

I would like to be considered for one of your camp counselor positions for this summer's sessions. I was a camper at XYZ Summer Camp myself from the ages of 8 through 11. I subsequently spent three years as a camper at ABC Summer Camp, followed by one year as a counselor-in-training. I'd now like to return to XYZ Summer Camp, but as a counselor.

I'm great with kids, patient, and work well with groups. I'm also athletic (I swim competitively for Anytown High School) and full of energy. I do well in a crisis. I am a confident decision-maker, but I don't hesitate to get help when I'm out of my depth. The counselor role is ideal for my personality and skills.

I am CPR- and AED-certified and have attached a current TB test along with the requisite references.

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