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   Caretaker Cover Letter


I am greatly interested in the caretaker position at XYZ Company. I have heard many stories about your facilities and staff, and I am struck by how wide your scope is when it comes to your definition of care for the elderly. As someone who believes that patients need more than just physical administrations, I think that I would be a great fit for your team.

I have extensive experience in care for the elderly, including training in the following tasks:

More important than these skills, however, are the instincts I have developed over the years, both in empathy and in sensing problems. Many of the people in my care have struggled with depression and loneliness. I have found ways to arrange for family gatherings, weekly meetings with students, mild gardening, and social interactions for games such as Bingo and Bunco.

More seriously, I have learned what to do in any emergency. When a patient of mine had a stroke on my watch, I was able to calmly assess the problem, notify emergency personnel, arrange for hospital transfer, provide EMTs with medical history and allergies, and contact family members. I am well-trained and experienced during high-stress situations.

Your goal of providing full-life care for your patients is something I identify strong with, and I would be honored to be a member of your staff. Thank you for your consideration.

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