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   Child Care Cover Letter


From your advertised post on, I learned that you are searching to fill a teaching position in the toddler room at your childcare facility. I am interested in this position, as it would be a wonderful opportunity for me. I think I would fit in perfectly as I have energy, creativity, plenty of experience and-most importantly-a love for children.

You indicate that experience is important, and I have four years of experience and around 4,500 hours in a licensed childcare facility, with the majority of it spent with toddlers between the ages of two and three. I also have around 500 hours of experience with infants and 300 with preschoolers.

As a lead teacher for toddlers at my most recent employment I am adept at finding materials and presenting ideas. As the sole teacher of seven toddlers on my own, I can change diapers, set up meals and do clean-up while monitoring the activities of other children in the room. I also make up games involving chasing, sharing, and identification of colors and animals. "Scary Bears" and the "Turtle Run" have become favorites at my old daycare.

I look forward to talking with you regarding this opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very kindly for your consideration.

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