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In a country as divided as ours on matters of faith and religious service, I have found that being a good reverend means finding a place of worship that is focused on the same mission. I am applying to serve as a minister at your church because I believe that we share the same passionate beliefs concerning youth outreach, poverty care, and ministerial callings.

One thing I was especially drawn to when I looked at your church was your robust community outreach programs. In my previous congregations, I started a weekly Stone Soup volunteer project, helped create and fund school-building mission trips to Mexico, and played guitar in three bands that visited prisons, senior centers, and hospitals. I firmly believe that the essence of Christianity is to love and help our neighbors, especially the poor and the lonely.

I have been a reverend for twelve years now, and I am hoping to find a congregation that is as passionate about Christ and the church as I am. I am eager to form organizations, get out into the community, and to promote unity among parishioners.

Thank you for your consideration. I will pray that you will find the right candidate for your congregation. May God bless you and keep you.

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