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   Cover Letter After Job Fair


Two weeks ago, on February 26, you and I met at the University of Portland Job Fair for senior students in the undergraduate programs. I was the rather short red-head who spoke to you at some length about the importance of normalized diversity within mainstream film and television. We discussed female, Latino, and Asian characters in the movies "Film 1" and "Film 2."

I am sincerely interested in your production company and the exciting, innovative films that you are producing. I believe that you are changing and reshaping the focus of American culture into something new, more accepting, and more understanding. It has always been my goal to become a part of something that essential. I have the drive, the creativity, and the academic excellence to be a good fit with your team.

I am set to graduate from the University of Portland in June of this year with a degree in Cinema Studies and another in Women's Studies. I also have a minor in Marketing. With this range of academic knowledge, technical understanding, and business savvy, I could be useful to you in nearly any entry-level capacity. I also have work study experience as the technical director for three community productions, and two scripts that are still being produced at local theaters.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will contact your office later this week to discuss a possible meeting time. I greatly enjoyed meeting you the other week and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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