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   Cover Letter Buying A House

Searching for our perfect home in the Portland housing market over the last six months has felt a lot like dating in your thirties: most of the good ones are taken, and the ones that are available seem to need a lot of work. Which is why were shocked to fall in love anyway—the house you're selling felt immediately like home to us.

It started when we saw the big apple tree in the front yard, and all three of us thought, "Tree house." Our daughter Lindsay is six, and we are so excited at the prospect of having a safe neighborhood where she can play outside and make friends her own age. The two-car garage also seemed like a sign, since Laurie has been working on cars as a side project for the last few years and would love to have the room for a tool bench.

If we were excited by the outside, it was nothing to how we felt once we got inside. Lindsay had picked out her bedroom in the first two minutes, and she adores the loft that will allow all of her stuffed animals to "sleep comfortably." Everything is the perfect blend of modern and cozy, and all of the safety features will come in handy when our second little one arrives next February.

The garden really clinched it, as Jake is a horticulturist who adores landscaping and growing food for the family. This house could not feel more like home to us. We sincerely thank you for considering our family among your many applicants.

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