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Cover Letter Closing

The way you end a cover letter won't necessarily land you the job, but the closer will be the last impression you make on the recruiter. Therefore, your final lines should be polite and respectful, with variants ranging from personal and enthusiastic to formal. Mostly, though, you want to provide a thoroughly professional impression, while maintaining your vocal interest in the position.

1. Follow-Through: The follow-through tells the recruiter that you plan to call their office and make an appointment to converse about the open position. It shows initiative and drive, and it can make you seem dedicated and ambitious. However, if a posting specifically says "No calls," make sure you respect their request.
Example: "I will call your office next week to set up a time for us to discuss the position in person."
2. Thank Them: Recruiters are looking through a lot of resumes, so it's best to express gratitude to the person making the decisions.
Example: "Thank you for your time and consideration."
3. Show Enthusiasm: Let the recruiters know that you are excited to work at this particular company and that you are eager to join the team.
Example: "I am excited to be considered for this position and to learn more about this creative opportunity."
4. Use a Respectful Send-Off: It's best to use a courteous closing line that is polite or formal.
Example: "Respectfully yours," "Sincerely," or "Cordially".

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