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I am writing to submit my application to XYZ for the fry cook position advertised on your website January 30. As someone who is always comfortable in front of the stove and is forever focused on cleanliness, health, and safety, I believe that I would fit in with your company perfectly.

I have been cooking independently since I was eight years old. I strongly believe in following the proper steps to create the perfect effect of flavor and texture in food. I also work incredibly quickly, with an emphasis on keeping cooking surfaces tidy. My first priority is to memorize the placement of cookware and cleaning agents in a kitchen and familiarize myself with safety protocol.

I love the food at XYZ and would be honored to be part of the staff that helps produce it. I have my Food Handler's certificate, as well as certification in First Aid, CPR, and Epi-Pen administration.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will follow up with your offices next week. I look forward to speaking with you further.

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