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I am a longtime fan of XYZ Inc., and a religious viewer of your daily content. Karen Gould's vlog on pop culture tropes back in 2003 helped put me on the path to being a movie critic and writer. Now that I have finished my book, Take Two: Women Who Defied the Blockbuster, I would be honored and excited to have XYZ review it. Enclosed is a review copy for your office.

Title: Take Two: Women Who Defied the Blockbuster
Author: Laurie Jones
Publisher: ABC Press
Publishing Date: September 2017
Pages: 287, cloth
ISBN: 1234567
Price: $29, cloth

Take Two is a cutting look at the film industry and its cynical approach to shaping public discourse—including race, gender, social hierarchy, fashion, and language. In many ways, that discourse is male-centric and elevates narrow and specific perspectives when it comes to professions, hobbies, romance, pay scale, and familial roles. The women this book focuses on smashed that perspective into pieces—both off and on screen. From Katherine Hepburn to Gal Gadot, this book tracks the women who changed the way we portray history.

I'm so grateful to you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.

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