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In July of 2011, at the age of only fifteen, Kevin Jacobs was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given six months to live. On May 20 of this year, he will graduate from high school as a valedictorian and a scholarship recipient for Stanford University.

It was through your generous donations that we, ABC Company, were able to help Kevin get the treatment and operations that he needed to save his life. Unfortunately, there are still many Kevins in the world who are without treatment and who rely on you for help.

Last year you contributed $400 to our cause and this year we ask you to donate with the same generosity of spirit. Last year we raised $553,000 and this year we hope to exceed that number by raising $600,000. Attached is a donation form, but you may also donate at

Thank you for your time and for your kind and generous contribution. We appreciate your continued support of ABC Company.

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