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I have a very strong interest in pursuing a career in education, and I believe that I have the talent and drive to make an excellent Assistant Teacher at XYZ Elementary School. As a recent graduate from the University of Washington's Elementary School Education program, I am also up-to-date on the most recent classroom management strategies and teaching techniques.

Your school is a shining example of the way that Montessori can integrate creativity and diversity into the education system. As an advocate for Montessori schools and the six planes of learning, I have devoted a significant portion of my studies to exploring abstraction, imagination, and peer relationships in children ages six to twelve. I spent three months observing the mixed classrooms at ABC School, with my focus on acquiring resources outside of the school.

During my college career, I have devoted myself to practical and theoretical knowledge so that I am prepared for any situation. This includes certifications in safety courses such as CPR, First Aid, Epi-Pen, School Bus driving and Food Handling. I have created my own Blackline Masters in conjunction with the cosmic view of Montessori teaching and structured lessons that span the entire curriculum.

I look forward to putting the knowledge and skills that I have acquired into practical use within the classroom. I believe I could bring a lot of passion and dynamic expression to an institution that values creativity above all else. Thank you for your consideration.

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