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As a freelance copy editor who has worked in Portland for the last ten years, it's hard to miss when a publication comes along that's as eviscerating and transcendent as XYZ Press. "Awaken" in Vol 1, issue 2 scattered my heart in an open field and left it there. While I'm sure your in-house positions are filled, I would like to make my services available to you for any of your upcoming editing needs.

As a copy editor, I am fluent and up-to-date in CMoS, AP, and MLA style guides. My personal choice pairs the Chicago Manual of Style with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for a hybrid net that catches even the smallest inconsistencies. I have provided content editing, line editing, and proofing services for ABC Inc., Book Title 1, Book Title 2, and DEF Press.

I am thorough, efficient, and have both an eye for detail and a heart for rhythm. Thank you for your consideration. I'll contact your office next week to see if there is a time I can come in and speak with you personally. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with you on your work.

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