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Do your research before you write a cover letter. You can make sure that your cover letter depicts you in the best light by sounding as though you are knowledgeable about the hiring company, familiar with the work, and qualified for the open position.

Before you craft your cover letter, make sure you know the answers to the following questions. You may not need to incorporate all the information, but it's good to have it, especially if you have to go in for an interview!

1. What is the company's mission statement?

2. What products/services does the company offer?

3. What recent accolades/news/new offers are available concerning the company?

4. What appeals to you about this company? Why do you want to work for them?

5. What do you have to offer the company that others do not?

6. What is the open position?

7. What are the open position's requirements and duties?

8. What ideal qualities does the company want from the applicant?

9. Do you fulfill the requirements? If not, what do you have to offer that makes you a contender?

10. What is the name of the employee who will be reading your cover letter? (This can be difficult, but at least make an effort to find out, and choose the most likely candidate. A name is better than "Sir/Madam," and you can use LinkedIn, blogs, press releases, mastheads, and "About" pages to find out more. Or, just call the company and ask who reviews the applications.)

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