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   Cover Letter To Recruiter

I was pleased to learn about your excellent reviews and high success rates from I believe that my qualifications as a production manager and my experience in lighting and sound make me a likely candidate to improve that success rate further.

I have spent the last seven years working as sound engineer and lighting technician at ABC Theater. After it closed in May 2015 due to funding and repairs, I have been volunteering my expertise at the DEF Community College and teaching a course in technical theater.

I'm seeking a position in lighting, sound, technical theater, stage management, or film. I am greatly experienced with camera equipment, dollies, mics, lights, and sound boards, and I find that this makes me qualified for screen work as well. As I am still a teacher and volunteer, I am looking for part-time work (15 – 25 hours) in this field, at a minimum wage of $22.00 per hour. I have a car and can work in the greater Portland area without inconvenience.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with your agency.

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