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   Cover Letter With Study Abroad

In the six months I spent studying abroad in Japan, I learned an idiom that has shaped my career going forward: "If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub." I have always been driven to keep pushing myself, and to take risks that will give me more experience and a wider worldview. With dual degrees in business and communication and a willingness to both travel and try new things, I think that I would be the perfect fit for the ABC Position.

Nothing has been more valuable to me than the time I spent in Kyoto, where I worked as a DEF Position. It was there that I learned to adapt quickly and efficiently to challenges, and to work with others to create new products that align with a company's best brand qualities. I spent my six months moving from an intern up to project lead on the JKL product, which is now a permanent part of the MNO lineup.

Since working as a DEF, I have continued to travel the world and pursue my career in GHI field, becoming fluent in Chinese as well as Japanese. My time at the forefront of the business world across different countries has given me a keen insight into the latest developments of XYZ products.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to cross new frontiers with ABC Company. Thank you for your consideration.

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