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I would like to submit my official nomination of Jack Brown for the prestigious XYZ Award for Community Contributions. Mr. Brown has worked tirelessly for the last forty years, both professionally and in his spare time, to improve the quality of Cleveland neighborhoods, schools and parks.

Born and educated in Cleveland, Mr. Brown graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Education and began teaching Highland Middle School students not only the basics of grammar and literature, but horticulture, baseball and woodworking as well. He strongly believes in practical, manual skills as well as higher education, and encourages student involvement in all things.

In his spare time he has been known to arrange weekly baseball and softball games at Davis Park for students of all ages. He took it upon himself to arrange cleanup events to reduce litter and dangerous objects at Grant Park, Horton Park and Lily Fields at various times throughout the years. He has volunteered at the Minas Homeless Shelter every Sunday for the last fifteen years, and he has been recognized on many occasions as an outstanding community leader and contributor.

I have been the principal at Highland Middle School for the last eighteen years, and I have known Jack since we attended OSU together in 1965. I have personally witnessed his dedication and enthusiasm when it comes to creating safe, healthy environments for citizens of all ages.

Attached is the official application. I have also included a resume that lists all of Mr. Brown's qualifications, as well as my own. Thank you for your consideration.

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