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   Cover Letter for Director

A director of operations should do more than just guide a company through its paces—a director should be a source of innovation. In the four years that I have been the director of operations at ABC Inc., I have increased sales by 12% and created 27 new jobs within the company.

XYZ has made a name for itself in this field by promoting creative energy and expansive, aggressive growth. The DEF project changed the face of your company in 2009, and I have always admired that willingness and ability to move in exciting new directions. For my part, when I was brought on at ABC Inc., I introduced the new GHI line, which established ABC as a leading provider of environmentally-friendly products.

Bold ideas and new steps have always been my forte, and I believe I could bring a new chapter of growth and discovery to your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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