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I would like to respectfully submit my article, "The Mating Habits of Bonobos," to XYZ Journal for publication. It approaches the subjects of female dominance, contributing environmental factors, and the use of violence and sexual aggression within a matriarchal simian society.

It is my firm belief that this article would make an excellent addition to XYZ due to its strong anthropological angle and the new information concerning matriarchal power. These adhere to the journal's statement that it "strives to uncover new and startling revelations that connect the scientific community with the larger social world." Also, while this article and its conclusions are based on my own unique research, it does draw from the larger body of knowledge from your previously-published author, Derrick Henderson.

I have a PhD in primate anthropology from the University of Arizona. I have been awarded the Holly Davis Research Award and the Elsner Grant Fellowship for a 12-month extended research tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My other work has been featured in ABC Monthly, DEF Inc., and GHI Publishing.

This is not a simultaneous submission; the manuscript is not being considered elsewhere at this time. I have included an SASE for your response.

Thank you for your consideration.

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