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Job Description for Customer Service Representative:


- Handles incoming calls from customers.

- Responds quickly and efficiently to customers' concerns.

- Attempts to implement reasonable customer suggestions.

- Maintains a positive attitude while engaged with customers.

- Solves problems and thinks on one's feet to accomplish a task.

- Maintains familiarity with company's products and/or services.

- Assists in sales as needed.


- Experience in a customer service setting.

- Ability to learn and retain knowledge of products and/or services.

- Ability to effectively communicate company policies/procedures to customers.

- Excellent problem solving skills.

- Strong organizational and communication skills.

- Ability to multi-task.

Cover Letter Response (body of letter):

I would like to express my interest in the Customer Service Representative position currently open at your company. As a positive and efficient representative for ABC Company with four years of experience in a customer service setting, I believe that I would be the perfect fit for this opening.

Your ad specifies that applicants would be required to handle incoming calls from customers quickly and efficiently. For the last three years, I have made that my life's work. I am able to handle more than 90 calls per day, which is high above the average of 65-70. I am also an excellent problem-solver; I have never been cited for rudeness, aggression, or unhelpfulness. My friendliness has garnered me an "Employee of the Month" award on four separate occasions due to courtesy and positivity alone.

While training new employees can be difficult, I assure you that I am a fast learner who becomes familiar with company policy, services, and restrictions very quickly. At my last job, I required only an Employee Handbook and a ten-minute introduction to the system before I was handling calls and finding solutions.

Overall, I believe that my experience, skill, and dedication would make me a valuable asset to your company. I know that I would thrive within such a dynamic and professional work environment. Thank you for your consideration.

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