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   Criminal Record Cover Letter

I am writing to apply for the Administrative Assistant position at XYZ Inc. I was referred to the opening by Karen Richards, my coworker at ABC Co. I have been performing administrative work for more than seven years, and I am excited to join a new team and help it run smoothly and efficiently.

I have been an organizational mind all my life. In my previous job, I created a filing system using tabs and digital barcodes that increased efficiency around the entire 20-person office by 12%. I have strong social skills that allow me to quickly get to the point of the matter while maintaining a calm and cheerful attitude.

I would like to be upfront about my history. I have a criminal record and spent eight months in prison from October 2011 to July 2012 for drunk driving and reckless endangerment. I understand that what I did was not only illegal but immoral, dangerous, and damaging. I take full responsibility for it and consider my actions, and the actions that led to them, to be entirely in the past. I have completed state-appointed and voluntary substance abuse programs, and I spent my time in prison starting work on a second degree in Communications. I believe that I emerged from the situation with a clearer mind, heart, and sense of purpose in my community.

With my years of experience in the administrative world and my penchant for punctuality and detail, I believe I would be a great fit for XYZ Inc. Thank you for your consideration.

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