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I saw your ad for a ___________________ in the ______________ and would like to express my interest in the position. Over the past __________ years, I have dedicated myself to achieving the education, skill, experience, and creativity that would qualify me for a position like this for _____________________.

I have known about your company since ___________, and I was especially interested by ______________________. I believe that my ___________ years' experience in ____________ proves the necessary skills for the job, but I also strongly believe that ______________________ is a company that I would like to be a part of, one to which I would be glad to devote all of my time and energy.

In your ad, you specify that you are looking for someone who is ________________ and who has _________ years' experience in __________. As a graduate of ______________ with a degree in ________________, I have a strong background in __________________. However, I also have a track record of dedicated work and proven results. During the last five years, I have:





I think that I could bring a lot to your company, and I would be honored to be a part of such a smart and forward-thinking group of individuals.

Please find my resume and references attached. I will contact you next week to discuss a time that we might meet. Thank you for your consideration.

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