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   Email vs. Hardcopy Tips


As the world transitions from paper copies to electronic forms, so does the job market. A lot of offers and scholarships that appear on websites such as or only accept electronic submissions. You should always follow the employer's instructions when it comes to sending in a cover letter and resume, but there are a few key differences between the two forms that you should be aware of before you begin.


Use email when responding to online offers, or when you need to convey a cover letter to someone quickly rather than formally. It is not recommended for any academic requests unless you know the recipient well. Email tends to come off as less important or formal and can be easily lost in the sheer amount of correspondence that most people get every day.

When writing an email cover letter:


Use hardcopy when you are replying to a job advertisement in the newspaper, from a flyer, or when requesting a recommendation or referral. Always use it for academic requests. It is formal and therefore more eye-catching, but it is also slower than email and more easily lost or misplaced.

When writing a hardcopy cover letter:

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