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   Engineer Cover Letter

I read about your company's open Mechanical Engineering position on the Job Network Website and I am interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity. As a graduate from Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a year interning for the Wallace Institute of Scientific Advancement, I believe I have the education, knowledge and experience to do this job efficiently and professionally.

I have spent my education and internships developing and enhancing products to create better functional performance, manufacturability and structural reliability. I have created experiments to test the performance, soundness and design flaws of automotive and electrical space products. I spent two months designing a project in a team of three other engineers, so I have also developed strong communication and leadership skills.

Given my experience with contractors, designers, tight schedules and multiple projects concerning manufacturing and performance, I believe I would make a good fit as a member of an innovative and enterprising team such as yours. I look forward to speaking with you further on this matter. Please contact me any time using the information listed above.

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