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It is with great excitement that I submit this resume for your perusal. As a recent graduate with a degree in structural engineering and experience designing modern, eco-friendly styles, I believe I am a perfect fit for your opening position as a Junior Architect.

Although I am a recent graduate, I have quite a bit of experience in designing sustainable structures. I spent six months in Tunisia during my junior year helping to create completely independent habitats that could maintain power for water, heat, and electricity. It is my belief that sustainability should be the primary focus of any building, not an afterthought.

I have always admired XYZ for its use of iconic style with an emphasis on LEED approval and environmentally-conscious structures. I visited the ABC building in San Francisco specifically to take note of the way that you used solar panels as part of the reflective design. I admire that "Saving the World" and "Defining the City" are not mutually exclusive with your firm.

Thank you for your consideration.

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