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   Expression Of Interest Cover Letter

We at ABC Co. were delighted to see your inquiry about arborists who can quickly and affordably clear the land at {location} in an environmentally friendly way. With {number} years' experience in ethical tree removal and landscaping, we would like to formally extend an expression of interest in this contract.

Our mission statement is clear: {mission statement}. We never use {harmful substances} and we always employ {safety equipment} that is new and up-to-code to protect our clients' property and provide a safe working environment. We have been reviewed by {reviewer} and {reviewer}, who had this to say: {Excerpt}.

Attached is an overview of our company and a full breakdown of our mission, employees, location, and services. We would love to send out a crew to take a look at this project and draft a proposal. I will enquire with your office no later than {date} to set up a time.

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