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   Felon Job Cover Letter

When I learned that your fine company does not exclude convicted felons from hiring consideration, I nearly broke down in tears. In the six months since I was released from prison, I have been turned down for work more than 100 times. That little box on the job application excludes me every time, and I refuse to lie. I am a better person than the one who was incarcerated four years ago.

I am a hard worker, strong, punctual, and disciplined. I can adapt to any position at your farm, but I am especially interested in farm machinery. I am a trained mechanic, and before I was convicted, I operated a successful vehicle repair shop. I am safety-oriented with a keen attention to detail.

I'd be happy to meet with you anytime. If you'd like to hear about my criminal history, I can share anything you'd like. However, I would also love to talk about the farm and the assets that I can bring to your operation.

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