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I am writing to inquire about your editorial needs at XYZ Publication. John Doe, one of your contributors, informed me that you contract line and copy editors by project, and I would like to offer my services for your next publication.

I have been a reader and an admirer of your publication since 1998, when I was drawn to Susie Queue's "Ode to Flannel Dress Shirts." Since then, XYZ has become my favorite journal and an inspiration for me as both a writer and an editor. I know that you've just finished collecting material for Vol. 10, Issue 2, and I know that pagination and proofing will be a busy time for you. It would be an honor to participate in the formation of the upcoming issue, or any project you have that requires editorial services in the coming months.

I have been freelance copyediting for a wide array of projects over the last four years. I was on an editorial staff for ABC Journal and DEF Publications for the last two years, helping produce a total of eight issues. I have also provided line editing for novelists Mary Waters, Jerry White, and Joe Green. I am proficient in the Chicago Manual of Style, AP Style, and MLA (although my preference for creative work remains the CMoS).

I am always available for contract work, so I hope you will consider me for any current or future projects. I am an avid reader of your publication's work, and I would love the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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