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   Guest Services Cover Letter


I read about the opening for a Guest Services Representative on your website and am greatly interested in filling the position. As someone with four years in the customer service industry and more than a year as a hotel concierge, I am confident that I will be able to suit the needs of your establishment.

In my previous stays at XYZ, I noticed that you value your customers and welcome their feedback and suggestions. This is in line with my career goals, which are centered on providing a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere for those I am serving.

As a customer service veteran, I know how to be friendly and polite in the face of rudeness, weariness, and stress. I have received nothing but positive feedback from previous customers for my unflappable calm and good cheer. I am also excellent at multi-tasking, and have a sharp memory for policy, reservations, and restrictions. I am adept at checking people in, patrolling the halls, managing luggage and transportation, and answering phones.

Thank you for your consideration.

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