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I am writing to inquire about the opening at your clinic for a Family Physician. As a recently certified naturopath and a practicing MD for the past three years, I believe that I am strongly qualified to meet the growing and changing needs that many families have in relation to health, chronic pain, illness, and diet.

I was raised by a father who was chronically ill for 17 years and who remained frustratingly undiagnosed by Western medicine. From him I learned the drive to explore every avenue, to seek solutions outside of the norm, and most importantly, to listen. As a medical doctor, I believe in listening to my patients and working out a treatment plan that targets the cause of their illness, not just the symptoms.

My blend of natural remedies, homeopathic care, and a license to practice general medicine from the Oregon Medical Board has led me to a unique approach that I believe would fit in well at the XYZ Clinic. I'm interested in healing, not just masking the problem. Your clinic has always stood out as a shining example of what natural care can be. It has always been my goal to help advance medical care to a place where my father could be treated and not shunted aside. I think that I could further that goal with XYZ.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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