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Thank you for the opportunity to make an offer on your gorgeous home. This house is exactly what my clients, Anthony and Jonah White, have been looking for. They are absolutely enchanted with the open floor plan and bay windows, and they are excited to have found their dream home in such a lovely and safe neighborhood.

As an attorney who works long hours, Anthony has been searching for a home that is close to his firm, ABC. With only a ten-minute drive, your home would help him to spend more time with their daughter, Maia, who has just entered the third grade. The family loves the large backyard that will allow Maia to practice her soccer skills with her parents, and Jonah appreciates the studio off the side of the house that can be converted to an art loft for his business.

Anthony and Jonah both grew up within five miles of this inner southeast gem, and they both have fond memories of playing catch in Peninsula Park and volunteering at the soup kitchen on Alberta. This home would allow them to introduce their childhood memories to their daughter, who also has a fondness for community work and sports.

As this house hits every single hope that the family had for a home, they are willing to offer $7,000 above the asking price with 6% down after the appraisal. I will contact your office next week to discuss the details.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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