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   How To Address Being Overqualified

How to Address Being Overqualified in a Cover Letter

Being overqualified for a position might not seem like a huge setback at first, but for a lot of employers, an overqualified applicant is just as bad (or worse) than someone who is underqualified. Employers worry that an overqualified applicant is going to be bored, restless, and unsatisfied with a lower (and lower-paying) position.

If you're applying for a lower position than you're qualified for, it's important to strike the right tone in your cover letter. Rather than play up your experience and education, you'll want to highlight the relevant positions you've held and any skills you've honed that apply to this specific application.

More importantly, you need to make sure you display the proper enthusiasm. You can address your qualifications directly as long as you make sure to talk about why you think you'd be more satisfied in a lower position. If you are pursuing a new field because you disliked your old one, or if you found a higher position too straining, feel free to use these issues to talk about why you feel more comfortable somewhere else.

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