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How to Address Diversity in a Cover Letter

Depending on your field and the business you're applying to, you might find yourself in a position to discuss diversity and your role in it. Some companies have open "diversity hire" policies, where they make it clear that they'd like their employees to represent a broad spectrum, including people who are minorities when it comes to race, orientation, gender expression, and/or disability.

If you know that such diversity is important to your employer and the position you're applying for, there are two ways to address it. One way is to speak about your own minority status. There's no need to write paragraphs on your experiences or struggles as a minority-make sure you keep it relevant to the position and the ways in which it makes you better at your job. A simple line such as, "As a Latina journalist who does freelancing in [Town], I am familiar with the Lantinx community, culture, and representation both here and in [Adjoining Towns]. Being bilingual in English and Spanish has also helped me with my interviews in ["Story"] and ["Story"]." If your employers want to reap the benefits of a diverse workspace, you can lay out clearly how your unique perspective directly contributes to that goal.

The second way to talk about diversity is to address the ways in which you have helped promote it. If you do not fall into the category of a "diversity hire" (and it's important to research the employer to see what that entails, as it can differ), then don't try to force it. Instead, mention that you are educated or experienced in multicultural training, or that you have taught classrooms of children with diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Your sensitivity toward and promotion of diversity can ultimately be an asset.

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