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   How To Address Job Hopping

How to Address Job-Hopping in a Cover Letter

If your resume has a lot of gaps in it or you've worked a lot of jobs that lasted less than a year, employers might be less likely to consider you for a position. Wage gaps and job-hopping can make you seem flighty and unreliable. It's important to counteract that notion immediately within your cover letter by highlighting the good aspects of your experiences.

The best approach to addressing job-hopping is twofold. First of all, target the ways in which a large and diverse resume has contributed to your knowledge and experience. Especially if you've worked many jobs within one industry, you can speak to a comprehensive knowledge of the field. Second of all, talk about how your many experiences have helped you learn exactly what it is you want to pursue, and how this position is the one that will achieve that for you. Talking about a long-term commitment to the job and what you want out of it over a number of years will help assuage an employer's potential fears.

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