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   How To Address Key Selection Criteria

How to Address Key Selection Criteria in a Cover Letter

Some positions (especially government positions, which have a more rigid structure to their hiring system) will require applicants to address key selection criteria. The job post or hiring manager will list the requirements for the job, and it is up to the applicant to prove that he or she is a good fit based on education and experience.

Some positions require that you address the key selection criteria on a separate page from your resume or cover letter. If that's the case, make it an addition to your application. In paragraph format, address each criterion specifically, making sure that you use their phrasing and keywords so as to best highlight the way that you meet their requirements. Use specific examples of your experiences and skills that meet each criterion individually.

If the position does not require that you separate the key selection criteria from your cover letter, make sure that your cover letter is shaped around the same tenets. Start with a paragraph about how you heard about the position, what you like the company, and why you'd like to work there. The second two or three paragraphs should repeat the keyword phrasing of the key selection criteria, outline specific examples of experience, and connect your expertise and education to the requirements for the job. The last paragraph can address other important factors that might come up, including relocation, salary requirements, and more of your personal voice.

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