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How to Address Job Relocation in a Cover Letter

When you're applying for a job in another state or country, it's impossible to keep this information away from the employer. You'll have to include your address on your resume, so the hiring manager we'll see that you're not from the area.

This can be a potential problem, as some employers won't bother with an out-of-town applicant. For one thing, it makes setting up in-person interviews more difficult. For another, some businesses believe in drawing from local talent. And finally, employers don't want to feel like they're a means to an end, especially if they're in a city where a lot of people are trying to move in.

The best thing to do is to address your relocation directly. Don't make it the first thing you bring up, because you don't want it to sound like it's the reason you're applying for the job. Talk primarily about why you like the company, why you want to work there, and what skills or experience you're bringing to the table. At the end of the cover letter, mention that you're moving to the city for another reason (family, marriage, caretaking, etc.) and state your available start dates. Be sure to clarify that you'll be available for interviewing at any time.

Some senior positions may be actively courted, and if you're applying for upper management you may instead finish your cover letter along the lines of, "I am able to travel for an interview at your convenience." This lets them know that you're accommodating, but it also leaves the door open for the company to pay for your travel arrangements, and even your potential move if you're desirable enough.

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