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   How To Write A Green Card Cover Letter

How to Write a Green Card Application Cover Letter

The most important thing about a cover letter when you're applying for citizenship, a green card, or naturalization, is the forms that are enclosed. A cover letter should be primarily used to list everything you're attaching, just in case your paperwork gets lost or separated. While you're there, though, you should consider presenting a cohesive picture of yourself to grant your application some humanity.

A cover letter should sell you, specifically on why you would make an upstanding and contributing citizen. Provide brief information on your name, your level of education, and your family ties. If you have family members who already live in the country, mention the importance of them living there and your joining them. Highlight the emotional ties you have to your spouse, child, or parents.

The other thing to note is the nature of your own job and how it contributes to the country's wellbeing. If you're doing cutting-edge work or research, your presence will be seen as a positive force within the country's borders.

Finally and most importantly, list every document that you are including with your application. Not only does this ensure that the recipient will file every page correctly, but it gives you the chance to check your list and make sure all of your papers are in order.

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