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   How To Write A Homebuyer Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter When Making an Offer on a House

The housing market is pretty competitive these days, specifically in large or growing cities. Using a cover letter when making an offer can give you the edge you need to rise above your competitors and get your dream home.

The main point of your cover letter should be to make yourself (or your clients if you're a real estate agent) stand out. Make yourself memorable and likable to the seller. You can do this by being positive, bonding over shared interests, and presenting yourself as reliable and stable when it comes to finances and transactions.

  1. Positivity. A cover letter is not the place to haggle or try to denigrate the house you're bidding on. Start by praising the house and talking about the ways it will contribute good things to your life. Things like, "We love the clean and cozy atmosphere of this home, and the addition of a soundproof studio means that Jared will be able to compose and practice his music without worrying about disrupting the neighbors. We are so impressed with the neighborhood, where our son Riley can play safely so near a park and a school." This will not only make you seem relatable and human, but it flatters the homeowners with their upkeep and atmosphere.
  2. Bonding. When viewing a house, make sure to take note of the individual interests of the homeowners. Are there pictures of kids around the house? A dog kennel in the back yard? Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in every room? These are all clues that you can use to make a connection between you and the seller. It's very easy to praise these elements once you know them: "I can't wait to use the built-in bookshelves to house my collection of first-edition Dickens novels" or "This house has the perfect backyard to practice my golf swing."
  3. Financially stable. Sellers want to make sure that you're the real thing and that you're not going to bail halfway through the transaction. Be upfront and clear about your willingness to pursue this application through the end. "As this is the house we've found that fits all our needs, we are willing to make an offer of $XXX,XXX, $X,XXX more than the asking price, and X% down. We look forward to discussing the terms of the transaction further."

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