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   How To Write A Rental Cover Letter

How to Write a Rental Cover Letter

In the rental market, especially within cities, good rental properties go fast. If you want a good deal on a good place in a good location, you have to do more than just be the first person to inquire. You have to be prepared to immediately view the property, fill out an application, and-most importantly-woo the landlord. Landlords want to feel safe leasing their property, which means you have to present yourself correctly. There's no better place to start than your inquiry cover letter. Your cover letter should establish three things:

  1. Who you are. Make yourself a person whom the landlord can connect to. You might find yourself meeting important markers for the landlord, too. A landlord wants a responsible tenant who is going to care for the property and not tear it up. Therefore, you'll want to highlight the things that make you attractive: If you're a single family, that decreases the likelihood that people will drop off the lease. If you like to garden or tinker, that indicates you'll care for the property. Bring up the nature of your job so that the landlord knows you have a steady income, but also knows what kind of person you are and the things you enjoy.
  2. Who you aren't. If you're young, if you're applying in a group, if you're a musician, if you have a dog-any of these qualities may be potential red flags to a landlord. Therefore, make sure you address your potential downsides directly and assuage fears about who you might be. If you're four young college students, lead with, "We are all gainfully employed and none of us enjoy loud music or large parties. We prefer to garden and play board games in our spare time." If you have a dog, be sure to talk about its good training and behavior. Put the fears to rest before they can crop up.
  3. Financial and rental responsibility. Describing your stable job and income is a good start, but it's also worth it to mention how responsible you are. A line such as "I always pay my bills on time and I have never been evicted from a rental" notifies the landlord that you are on the ball and that you know how important responsibility is.

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