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   How To Write A Submission Cover Letter

How to Write a Submission Cover Letter

Submitting an article, idea, or literary piece is a daunting task. While your work will ideally be read on its own merits, several factors can sway a publisher or publication. Control the narrative by crafting a cover letter that presents your best qualities.

A cover letter should always include your name, contact information, and a list of what is enclosed, specifically the title of your piece and the number of words or pages that it runs. Also, if payment is required, be sure that you mention its inclusion so that it doesn't get accidentally overlooked.

The second thing to do is to preface your piece with factors that should be considered before reading it. Many publishers won't read it because they don't want to be influenced by outside factors, but some of them will. If you think it will help to mention the research you've done, the themes you're interested in pursuing, or your general mission in writing the piece, go ahead and provide a brief paragraph on the subject. Don't go on too long, though, and keep your tone professional.

Finally, include a bio statement that can be used within the publication. If a word limit is not requested, stick to around 50 - 75 words. Don't list every publication you've ever been published in, as it looks arbitrary and lazy. Choose the publications with the most clout and prestige, as otherwise it will just become a list that loses your audience's attention. Feel free to mention your education, your current job, and one or two small personal facts.

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