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   Humorous Cover Letter

Thanks so much for the job offer! I accept, and will be at my desk bright and early tomorrow morning.

… is what I will say if this plays out the way I hope.

I'm writing to apply for the advertised position of Social Media Manager. Online, my wit is quick but at the office my dedication and drive are deadly serious. I'm someone you can count on to be on trend yet not annoying, tuned into social media trends yet mindful of the reach of an entire brand. I work well with a team yet am not shy about generating my own ideas, especially when it comes to social media posts. I strike the delicate balance of pushing the envelope without stirring controversy.

For the past year, I've managed the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Up-and-Coming Company. You may have noticed the viral Tweet featuring a motorized vacuum and a very curious cat. That was me! Well, that was my cat. But that was me who posted it. The post is at 70,000 retweets and counting.

I know that not every Tweet will go viral. That's why I am well-versed in many facets of social media strategy. I have a degree in Digital Marketing from the University of State and am pursing a "mini-MBA" online.

I'd appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what I can bring to XYZ Company's social media presence and make my introductory sentence a reality.

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