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   Immigration Cover Letter

Attached please find my full application for immigration into the United States from Canada. My application number is 1234567890.

At the time of this writing I am a 38-year-old professor in Ancient Roman History and Literature. I am married with a five-year-old son. Both my husband and my son live in Oregon and are natural citizens of the United States. I have been accepted for a position at Lewis and Clark College in a research capacity. I received my Bachelor's Degree in ancient texts from ABC School in 2007 and my Master's Degree in Roman History from DEF School in 2009. I have been a tenured professor at GHI University since 2013, and my research has advanced the discovery of JKL and MNO.

I am looking forward to permanently reuniting with my family and becoming a valuable, contributing member of American society.

Thank you for your consideration. Enclosed are the following forms:

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