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   Invitation For Bid Cover Letter

You are invited to bid on ABC Inc.'s upcoming {Project Name} project. The contract will run from {date} to {projected date} and will entail the following requirements and stipulations: {description of requested final product}. We appreciate your careful attention to the overview attached; should you require more details, you may contact {Name} at {contact information}.

All bids must be delivered by {method} to {contact} no later than {date and time}. The successful bidder will be required to include the following documents: {documents} as well as insurance stating that they will finish the project no later than {date} and at a cost not exceeding {percentage} of the original estimate.

All bids will be considered over {amount of time}, and the winner will be announced on {date}. The client is not obligated to choose the lowest bidder and may choose freely among the contenders.

Thank you for your interest in ABC Co. We look forward to hearing from you.

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